How to choose an online casino



Remember to always check who you are going to entrust your money to before you register, make your first deposit and start playing at an online casino. Online gambling is a business worth millions. While 99% of casinos compete with each other, luring new customers with luxury promotions, bonuses, attractive prizes or various tournaments, the remaining 1% most often refer to previously made short-term decisions that simply approach fraud. Unfortunately, players do not realize this until the moment that theoretically should be happy for them - making a withdrawal.
You are probably wondering how such twists work. Imagine being a member of the average casino. This is just the beginning of your adventure, so you have no idea what awaits you ... The deposit has already been paid, maybe you even managed to win a decent amount. It's time to withdraw! There are minor problems with cash withdrawals. Documents confirming your identity have been sent a long time ago and you are just waiting for the money to appear on your bank account. A week has passed, 10 days, 2 weeks, and no trace of your cash. Twice more time has passed than, according to the website, the casino needs to provide money. During this time, you send dozens of e-mails and try to contact the Casino Customer Service, where you receive information that everything is OK on their part and you are redirected to the security department. However, there, you are instructed to send the documents again and again, and when they get these documents, they ask you to contact the finance department. There, however, they never received the withdrawal request you sent. It comes to light that someone has mistaken your bank account number. When everything seems to be correct, you still expect your money, so the days and even months go by.
If you have run out of luck and become a victim of casino fraud, first of all try to stay cool. No matter how much money you lose, show your determination, fight for your rights. Also, look for professional help, because it can be difficult to deal with all legal formalities yourself. You'll be amazed at how many gambling organizations, portals and communities offer their services. You can also file an official complaint electronically by sending an email or calling to gambling organizations such as the Malta Gaming Authority or Gibraltar Licensing Authority, which license and regulate the casino you have a problem with. However, the most important of all advice is never to give up! Most cheating casinos are counting on that, so just show enough determination and sooner or later the money will appear in your account.


If you are seriously interested in a particular casino and you are sure that it is not on any blacklist, it's time for the next step - reading the Terms & Conditions, i.e. the Casino Terms and Conditions. Each gambling site has a tab entirely dedicated to them (even the fraudsters referred to in the previous rule). Without this the casino would be closed immediately. Remember to read all Terms and Conditions carefully before joining the casino! By registering, you must accept them, and when you do, there will be no turning back - you must follow them, whether you like it or not. Keep in mind that the more time you devote to searching and getting to know the casino, the greater the chance of avoiding stress and unpleasantness in the future.
Terms and Conditions are usually found at the bottom of the casino page or in the menu. It is worth mentioning that their counterpart is the Offer Regulations, which contain rules that apply only to the offer or promotion presented (usually you will find it under its description). Everything has a small decoration - it is small and not noticeable, but at least you already know what to look for! Let us now tell ourselves what these Terms and Conditions are actually. Well, they are a kind of agreement between the player and the casino, regulating their relations from the moment of registration. In other words, by clicking "Create Account", you automatically accept all the Terms and Conditions of the casino where you register.



Finally, we come to the most important issue regarding online gambling - money. Certainly, everyone who has ever dealt with gambling knows that belief in an eternally good run is pointless. You always have to take into account the failure and loss of some cash. However, most players approach the game with a completely different attitude and this is also the purpose of the game in an online casino - to win and the more the better. Even such casinos take all financial issues seriously, which is why they are carefully explained and detailed on the website. It is very important to thoroughly familiarize yourself with all the information that applies to casino banking - do it only for your own safety.


The recipe for achieving great success in an online casino will also include the use of customer service. It plays an extremely important role, and the quality of your cooperation with the casino will depend on its quality. Remember that the more ways you can get help from the casino, the better the chance to solve your problems quickly, and if there is a qualified team on the other side - even immediate!
The rivalry led by various competing gambling centers has significantly increased the importance of casino-client relationships. Nowadays, the fight is even for one customer, which is why ensuring fast and reliable service has become crucial - everything works according to a simple rule: the better the Customer Service, the more players will join this casino.
Finding help on a given casino's website is not difficult - just look for a bookmark, window or button that says "Help", "Contact us", "Customer service", "Chat with us", "Live chat" or "Write to us" etc.
There are different ways to get help. The most commonly used in almost every casino are: by phone, e-mail or thanks to the FAQ tab (frequently asked questions). When using the phone option, make sure your location is on the list of free calls countries - otherwise the bill may surprise you unpleasantly. Pay special attention to this, being outside of Western Europe or North America - the fees for making calls can be monstrous, even when the casino website says that the number provided is absolutely free. Most often, however, the resulting unpleasantness is the fault of your operator, not the casino! The FAQ section is ideal when you are looking for answers to questions that require only basic knowledge.

Unfortunately, if your problem is more complicated, you won't find what you are looking for there. However, some casinos have an extremely extensive section - you can find there a lot of useful information that will help you at every stage of the game in an online casino. Help received by email is offered by every existing casino on Earth. This is a free and convenient way to get answers to your questions, but it has one drawback - time. In most casinos, the Customer Service crew will respond to your email within 24 hours, but imagine that your problem concerns a large withdrawal request - you are not smiling enough to wait for such an important matter to be resolved. Such is the nature of every gambler that he always looks for the shortest way to achieve his goal, which is why chat rooms appear more and more often on casino websites, where you just have to write and a moment later someone from Customer Service is already at your disposal.
That's how we get to the fastest and most effective way to solve various problems - using live support services. This type of communication is preferred by most users. Unfortunately, not all casinos offer it, and those that allegedly allow contact with live support, usually chat is offline, i.e. unavailable. You decide if such services can be called "live". To sum up, be careful when using live help. First of all: check the website address! If the beginning of the link is "https", then everything is fine and you can write. However, when you only find "http", it's better to use a different communication method.

Second: describe your problem thoroughly, without omitting any details, so that a Customer Service representative can quickly, objectively and fully consciously offer you the right solution. Third: be prepared to provide your personal data to confirm your identity. Usually the staff asks for them at the beginning of the conversation. If this does not happen, choose a different method of communication, because it is a sign of non-compliance with all requirements regarding the security of your personal data. In this case, it's better not to risk it. Fourth: remember kindness and culture, because there is also a man on the other side. We are all human, we have better and worse days like everyone else, but I am 99.999% convinced that the service always tries its best, so hurrying or rude comments are not welcome here!